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Tip revision: 3ea66bd3ecb5f9467b3db36480ee97c06fc001e4 authored by Simon Urbanek on 08 August 1977, 00:00:00 UTC
version 0.1-7
Tip revision: 3ea66bd
  Function to query objects of the class process
  \code{processID} returns the process IDs for the given processes. It
  raises an error if \code{process} is not an object of the class
  \code{\link{process}} or a list of such objects.

  \code{print} methods shows the process ID and its class name.
\method{print}{process}(x, \dots)
\item{process}{process (object of the class \code{process}) or a list
of such objects.}
\item{x}{process to print}
 \code{processID} returns an integer vector contatining the process IDs.

 \code{print} returns \code{NULL} invisibly
\author{Simon Urbanek}
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