This code was evaluated for replicability by an independent team of experts (see ).

The remainder of this file contains the evaluation report, along with suggestions to successfully compile and run the code.


Source code information


The code comes with no makefile, but it is straightforward to compile it (a single main.cpp and a few .h, with no external dependencies, which is ideal). Given the stdafx.h, I compiled it with Visual Studio 2017, creating a solution in no effort. 
However, std::auto_ptr is soon to be deprecated. Right now, you need to #include <memory> in  geodesic_memory.h to compile it. Some people mention the preprocessor directive _HAS_AUTO_PTR_ETC=1 but this was not useful for me (perhaps VS2019).
Data were not provided, so I computed geodesics on meshes of my own. I managed to compute single source/all destinations geodesics of a 474K triangle mesh in 4.8 seconds on a 2.8GHz laptop, which matches timings in the paper (382K triangles in 4.13 seconds, on a 3.4GHz desktop machine).