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\title{calculates ABC Curve
 Calculates cumulative percentage of largest data (effort) and cumulative percentages of sum of largest Data (yield)
 with spline interpolation (second order, piecewise) of values in-between.
ABCcurve(Data, p)
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vector[1:n] describes an array of data: n cases in rows of one variable

		optional, an vector of values specifying where interpolation takes place, created by \code{\link{seq}} of package base}

Output is of type list which parts are described in the following
	 A list with
	 \code{Effort}:vector [1:k], cumulative population in percent

	\code{Yield}: vector [1:k], cumulative high data in percent
	\item{CleanedData}{vector [1:m], columnvector containing Data>=0 and zeros for all NA, NaN and negative values in Data(1:n)}

	 A list with
	 \code{p}: X-values for spline interpolation, defualt: p = (0:0.01:1)

	\code{dABC}: first deviation of the functio ABC(p)=Effort(Yield

Michael Thrun


Ultsch. A ., Lotsch J.: Computed ABC Analysis for Rational Selection of Most Informative Variables in Multivariate Data, PloS one, Vol. 10(6), pp. e0129767. doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0129767, 2015.
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\keyword{Lorenz curve}
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