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Inverse centred log-ratio transformation
Applies the inverse centred log-ratio transformation.
cenLRinv(x, useClassInfo = TRUE)
an object of class \dQuote{clr}, \dQuote{data.frame} or \dQuote{matrix}
if the object is of class \dQuote{clr}, the useClassInfo is used 
to determine if the class information should be used. If yes, also 
absolute values may be preserved.
the transformed data set.
Aitchison, J. (1986) \emph{The Statistical Analysis of Compositional
Data} Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability. Chapman \&
Hall Ltd., London (UK). 416p.
Matthias Templ
\code{\link{cenLR}}, \code{\link{addLR}}, \code{\link{isomLR}}, 
\code{\link{addLRinv}}, \code{\link{isomLRinv}}
eclr <- cenLR(expenditures)
inveclr <- cenLRinv(eclr)
\keyword{ manip }
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