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Inverse centred log-ratio transformation
Applies the inverse centred log-ratio transformation.
invclr(x, useClassInfo = TRUE)
an object of class \dQuote{clr}, \dQuote{data.frame} or \dQuote{matrix}
if the object is of class clr, the useClassInfo is used to determine if the class information should be used. If yes, also 
absolute values may be preserved.
the transformed data set.
Aitchison, J. (1986) \emph{The Statistical Analysis of Compositional
Data} Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability. Chapman \&
Hall Ltd., London (UK). 416p.
Matthias Templ
\code{\link{cenLRinv}}, \code{\link{cenLR}}, \code{\link[compositions]{clrInv}}
## function is deprecated, use cenLRinv instead.
\keyword{ manip }
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