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Avoid ImageNet-C evaluation every epoch
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# AugMix

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## Introduction

We propose AugMix, a data processing technique that mixes augmented images and
enforces consistent embeddings of the augmented images, which results in
increased robustness and improved uncertainty calibration. AugMix does not
require tuning to work correctly, as with random cropping or CutOut, and thus
enables plug-and-play data augmentation. AugMix significantly improves
robustness and uncertainty measures on challenging image classification
benchmarks, closing the gap between previous methods and the best possible
performance by more than half in some cases. With AugMix, we obtain
state-of-the-art on ImageNet-C, ImageNet-P and in uncertainty estimation when
the train and test distribution do not match.

For more details please see our [ICLR 2020 paper](

## Pseudocode

<img align="center" src="assets/pseudocode.png" width="750">

## Contents

This directory includes a reference implementation in NumPy of the augmentation
method used in AugMix in ``. The full AugMix method also adds
a Jensen-Shanon Divergence consistency loss to enforce consistent predictions
between two different augmentations of the input image and the clean image

We also include PyTorch re-implementations of AugMix on both CIFAR-10/100 and
ImageNet in `` and `` respectively, which both support
training and evaluation on CIFAR-10/100-C and ImageNet-C.

## Requirements

*   numpy>=1.15.0
*   Pillow>=6.1.0
*   torch==1.2.0
*   torchvision==0.2.2

## Setup

1.  Install PyTorch and other required python libraries with:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

2.  Download CIFAR-10-C and CIFAR-100-C datasets with:

    mkdir -p ./data/cifar
    curl -O
    curl -O
    tar -xvf CIFAR-100-C.tar -C data/cifar/
    tar -xvf CIFAR-10-C.tar -C data/cifar/

3.  Download ImageNet-C with:

    mkdir -p ./data/imagenet/imagenet-c
    curl -O
    curl -O
    curl -O
    curl -O
    tar -xvf blur.tar -C data/imagenet/imagenet-c
    tar -xvf digital.tar -C data/imagenet/imagenet-c
    tar -xvf noise.tar -C data/imagenet/imagenet-c
    tar -xvf weather.tar -C data/imagenet/imagenet-c

## Usage

The Jensen-Shannon Divergence loss term may be disabled for faster training at the cost of slightly lower performance by adding the flag `--no-jsd`.

Training recipes used in our paper:

WRN: `python`

AllConv: `python -m allconv`

ResNeXt: `python -m resnext -e 200`

DenseNet: `python -m densenet -e 200 -wd 0.0001`

ResNet-50: `python <path/to/imagenet> <path/to/imagenet-c>`

## Pretrained weights

Weights for a ResNet-50 ImageNet classifier trained with AugMix for 180 epochs are available

This model has a 65.3 mean Corruption Error (mCE) and a 77.53% top-1 accuracy on clean ImageNet data.

## Citation

If you find this useful for your work, please consider citing

  title={{AugMix}: A Simple Data Processing Method to Improve Robustness and Uncertainty},
  author={Hendrycks, Dan and Mu, Norman and Cubuk, Ekin D. and Zoph, Barret and Gilmer, Justin and Lakshminarayanan, Balaji},
  journal={Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)},
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