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add RPS24 plotting
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# DiffSplice

* `donor_boxplots_4_15`: creates box plots for LIMCH1, PNRC1, TPM1, MYL6, and FYB1 for human individual 1.

* `finalize_dotplots`: creates dot plots for MYL6 and TPM1

* `plotgel`: creates pseudogel based on RT-PCR data

* `frac_significant_quantile`: creates plot showing how the fraction of genes called as significant changes with read depth

* `upset_significant`: make upset plots showing overlap between called genes for the three organisms

* `Validation_TS`: plot correlations of median SpliZ scores between donors and technologies

* `parse_bowtie2_output`: parse SAM alignments to create bowtie2 RPS24 barplots (not all data provided)

* `spliz_PCA`: k-means clusering based on ATP5F1C and RPS24, as well as plotting

* `test_effect_size_filter`: deciding on which effect size cutoff to use for cell type analysis (with plots)

* `significance_tables`: Create tables of genes called as 'significant' and get number called by cell type or compartment 

* `Biology_paper_numbers_v2`: output number of cells per dataset
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