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Tip revision: 6769ffc81115fbf0bf7d9c566cf7ac81be0049dc authored by Doug Nychka on 25 July 2005, 00:00:00 UTC
version 3.04
Tip revision: 6769ffc
BD                      Data frame of the effect of buffer compositions
                        on DNA strand displacement amplification. A 4-d
                        regression data set with with replication. This
                        is a useful test data set for exercising
                        function fitting methods.
Exponential             Covariance functions
Krig                    Kriging surface estimate
Krig.Amatrix            Smoother (or "hat") matrix relating predicted
                        values to the dependent (Y) values.
Krig.engine.default     Basic linear algebra computations supporting
                        the Krig function.
RMprecip                Monthly total precipitation (mm) for August
                        1963 in the Rocky Mountain Region
Tps                     Thin plate spline regression
US                      Plot of the US with state boundaries
US.dat                  Outline of coterminous US and states.
W.info                  Gives indexing imfomration for a wavelet
Wimage.cov              Functions for W-transform based covariance
Wimage.info             Finds key indices related to a 2-d
Wimage.info.plot        Plot to check 2-d multiresolution indexing
Wtransform              Quadratic W wavelet transform for 1-d vectors
                        or rectangular or cylindrical images
add.image               Adds an image to an existing plot.
arrow.plot              Adds arrows to a plot
as.image                Creates image from irregular x,y,z
as.surface              Creates an "surface" object from grid values.
bplot                   boxplot
bplot.xy                Boxplots for conditional distribution
colorbar.plot           Plots one or more color scale strips as a
cover.design            Computes Space-Filling "Coverage" designs using
                        Swapping Algorithm
drape.plot              Perspective plot draped with colors in the
exp.cov                 Exponential covariance family, radial basis
                        functions and a general function for stationary
fields                  fields - tools for spatial data
fields tests            Testing fields functions
fields.diagonalize      Fields supporting functions
fields.hints            fields - graphics hints
flame                   Response surface experiment ionizing a reagent
gcv.Krig                Finds profile likelihood and GCV estimates of
                        smoothing parameters
grid list               Grid list format for describing equally spaced
image.plot              Draws image plot with a legend strip for the
                        color scale.
image.smooth            Kernel smoother for irregular 2-d data
interp.surface          Fast bilinear interpolator from a grid.
krig.image              Spatial process estimate for large irregular
                        2-d dats sets.
lennon                  Gray image of John Lennon.
minitri                 Mini triathlon results
ozone                   Data set of ozone measurements at 20 Chicago
                        monitoring stations.
ozone2                  Daily 8-hour ozone averages for sites in the
plot.Krig               Diagnostic and summary plots of a Kriging or
                        spline object
plot.Wimage             Plots 2-d wavelet coefficents by level and type
plot.surface            Plots a surface
poisson.cov             Poisson spherical covariance function
predict.Krig            Evaluation of Krig spatial process estimate.
predict.se              Standard errors of predictions
predict.se.Krig         Standard errors of predictions for Krig spatial
                        process estimate
predict.surface         Evaluates a fitted function or its standard
                        errors as a surface object
print.Krig              Print kriging fit results.
qsreg                   Quantile or Robust spline regression
quilt.plot              Image plot for irregular spatial data.
rat.diet                Experiment studying an appetite supressant in
rdist                   Euclidean distance matrix
rdist.earth             Great circle distance matrix
set.panel               Specify a panel of plots
sim.Krig.standard       Conditonal simulation of a spatial process
sim.rf                  Simulates a random field
smooth.2d               Kernel smoother for irregular 2-d data
splint                  Cubic spline interpolation
sreg                    Smoothing spline regression
stationary.image.cov    Exponential, Matern and general covariance
                        functions for 2-d gridded locations.
stats                   Calculate summary statistics
stats.bin               Bins data and finds some summary statistics.
summary.Krig            Summary for Krig spatial process estimate
summary.ncdf            Summarizes a netCDF file handle
surface.Krig            Plots a surface and contours
tim.colors              Tim's useful color table
transformx              Linear transformation
vgram                   Finds a traditional or robust variogram for
                        spatial data.
vgram.matrix            Computes a variogram from an image
world                   Plot of the world
xline                   Draw a vertical line
yline                   Draw horizontal lines
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