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The :mod:`tensorly.decomposition` module includes utilities for performing
tensor decomposition such as CANDECOMP-PARAFAC and Tucker.                                                                                               

from ._cp import parafac, CP, RandomizedCP, randomised_parafac, sample_khatri_rao
from ._nn_cp import non_negative_parafac, non_negative_parafac_hals, CP_NN_HALS, CP_NN
from ._tucker import tucker, partial_tucker, non_negative_tucker, non_negative_tucker_hals, Tucker
from .robust_decomposition import robust_pca
from ._tt import TensorTrain, tensor_train, tensor_train_matrix
from ._tr import tensor_ring
from ._parafac2 import parafac2, Parafac2
from ._symmetric_cp import symmetric_parafac_power_iteration, symmetric_power_iteration, SymmetricCP
from ._cp_power import parafac_power_iteration, power_iteration, CPPower
from ._cmtf_als import coupled_matrix_tensor_3d_factorization
from ._constrained_cp import constrained_parafac

# Deprecated
from ._tt import matrix_product_state
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