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Jepa - Java Europarl API version 1.1 - April 2011
  - retrieves MEPs personal info (both in archives and current term)
  - retrieves some MEPs activities: debates, declarations, motions, 
    questions reports, and the associated document references.
  - retrieves MEPs positions (committes, delegations and higher EP bodies)
  - can process all 22 languages used on the Europarl website
  - static text of the Europarl website externalized in xml files, easily editable
  - correction system for approximate spelling (also in xml files)
  - list of all MEPs ids by term
  - dates of the terms (also externalized in xml files)
  - automatic log
To do list:
  + retrieve the specific id for opinions
  + give a unified view of a legislative procedure, grouping all 
    related reports, debates, minutes, adopted texts, etc.
  + retrieve the documents ignored in v1 (amongst others those 
  + retrieve data describing other agents of the EP, such as 
    assistants (,
    secretaries (,
    liaison personel (,
    lobbyists (
  + complete the API to process the websites of other EU institutions, cf.
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