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Tip revision: 90bebdbed16cf7be7a798204ef7b40067a57eb4c authored by Simran S Sangha on 28 March 2023, 17:54:05 UTC
Adjust sign error and handle multiple tropo files
Tip revision: 90bebdb
# Builds in ~ 5 min and is ~ 3 GB on a linux laptop
FROM mambaorg/micromamba:0.24.0

# Label image following opencontainers image-spec annotations recommendation:
LABEL org.opencontainers.image.description="Container for InSAR time series analysis with MintPy"
LABEL org.opencontainers.image.authors="Forrest Williams <>, Joseph H Kennedy <>, Andre Theron <>"
LABEL org.opencontainers.image.url=""
LABEL org.opencontainers.image.source=""
LABEL org.opencontainers.image.documentation=""
LABEL org.opencontainers.image.licenses="GPL-3.0-or-later"

# Dynamic lables to define at build time via `docker build --label`
# LABEL org.opencontainers.image.created=""
# LABEL org.opencontainers.image.version=""
# LABEL org.opencontainers.image.revision=""

USER root

ARG DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive

RUN apt-get update && \
    apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends git vim wget && \
    apt-get clean && \
    rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

USER mambauser
WORKDIR /home/mambauser

ENV PATH=/opt/conda/bin:${PATH}

ARG MINTPY_HOME=/home/mambauser/tools/MintPy
COPY --chown=mambauser:mambauser . ${MINTPY_HOME}/

RUN micromamba install -y -n base -c conda-forge python=${PYTHON_VERSION}  \
      jupyterlab ipympl gdal">=3" isce2 -f ${MINTPY_HOME}/requirements.txt && \
    python -m pip install --no-cache-dir ${MINTPY_HOME} && \
    micromamba clean --all --yes

# Jupyter setup
COPY --chown=mambauser:mambauser scripts/ /home/mambauser/.jupyter/
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