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pkgdown is designed to make it quick and easy to build a website for
your package. You can see pkgdown in action at
<>: this is the output of pkgdown applied to
the latest version of pkgdown. Learn more in `vignette("pkgdown")` or

## Installation

<div class=".pkgdown-release">

``` r
# Install released version from CRAN


<div class=".pkgdown-devel">

``` r
# Install development version from GitHub


## Usage

Get started with [usethis](

``` r
# Run once to configure your package to use pkgdown

Then use pkgdown to build your website:

``` r

This generates a `docs/` directory containing a website. Your
`` becomes the homepage, documentation in `man/` generates a
function reference, and vignettes will be rendered into `articles/`.
Read `vignette("pkgdown")` for more details, and to learn how to deploy
your site to GitHub pages.

### pkgdown 2.0.0 and Bootstrap 5

pkgdown 2.0.0 includes an upgrade from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5, which
is accompanied by a whole bunch of minor UI improvements. If you’ve
heavily customised your site, there’s a small chance that this will
break your site, so everyone needs to explicitly opt-in to the upgrade
by adding the following to `_pkgdown.yaml`:

``` yaml
  bootstrap: 5

Then learn about the many new ways to customise your site in

## In the wild

At last count, pkgdown is used [by over 6,000
Here are a few examples created by contributors to pkgdown:

-   [bayesplot](
    plotting functions for posterior analysis, model checking, and MCMC

-   [valr](
    ([source]( read and manipulate
    genome intervals and signals.

-   [mkin](
    ([source]( calculation routines
    based on the FOCUS Kinetics Report

-   [NMF](
    ([source]( a framework to perform
    non-negative matrix factorization (NMF).

Comparing the source and output of these sites is a great way to learn
new pkgdown techniques.

## Code of conduct

Please note that this project is released with a [Contributor Code of
Conduct]( By
participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.
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