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Package: doParallel
Type: Package
Title: Foreach Parallel Adaptor for the 'parallel' Package
Version: 1.0.15
Authors@R: c(person("Hong", "Ooi", role="cre", email="hongooi@microsoft.com"),
             person("Microsoft", "Corporation", role=c("aut", "cph")),
			 person("Steve", "Weston", role="aut"),
			 person("Dan", "Tenenbaum", role="ctb"))
Description: Provides a parallel backend for the %dopar% function using
        the parallel package.
Depends: R (>= 2.14.0), foreach(>= 1.2.0), iterators(>= 1.0.0),
        parallel, utils
Suggests: caret, mlbench, rpart, RUnit
Enhances: compiler
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2019-07-16 22:51:14 UTC; richcala
Author: Hong Ooi [cre],
  Microsoft Corporation [aut, cph],
  Steve Weston [aut],
  Dan Tenenbaum [ctb]
Maintainer: Hong Ooi <hongooi@microsoft.com>
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2019-08-02 04:40:02 UTC
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