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Tip revision: 863066bded664a5e2aba7f89c4fb7bc2afd0e28d authored by Pierre-Yves Strub on 23 September 2015, 08:28:02 UTC
Ring axioms of the `ring`/`field` tactics agree with the ones of `Ring.ec`
Tip revision: 863066b
S src
S src/phl
S src/system
S src/why3

B _build/src
B _build/src/phl
B _build/src/system
B _build/src/why3

PKG batteries
PKG menhirLib
PKG why3
PKG zarith
PKG pcre

FLG -rectypes
FLG -w Y -w Z -w -23 -w +28 -w +33
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