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@string{Econmtca = "Econometrica"}
@string{ContProbSt = "Contributions to Prob. and Stat. in Honour of Gunar Blom"}
@string{StPrLet = "Stat. and Prob. Letters"}
@string{STB = "Stata Technical Bulletin"}
@string{StatSci = "Stat. Science"}
@string{SqtlAnly = "Sequential Analysis"}
@string{AnlsStat = "Annals of Stat."}
@string{AnlsMStat = "Annals of Math. Stat."}
@string{JEL = "J. of Economic Lit."}
@string{EL = "Economics Letters"}
@string{EE = "Empirical Economics"}
@string{JLS = "J. of Legal Studies"}
@string{JPE = "J. of Political Economy"}
@string{JEH = "J. of Economic History"}
@string{AER = "American Economic Review"}
@string{ILRR = "Ind. and Labor Relations Rev."}
@string{CandJSt = "Canadian J. of Stat."}
@string{ScandJSt = "Scand. J. of Stat."}
@string{CmpStDA = "Comp. Stat. and Data Anal."}
@string{ET = "Econometric Theory"}
@string{EnvrMtrc = "Environmetrics"}
@string{JHumRec = "J. of Human Resources"}
@string{EcLet = "Economics Letters"}
@string{JASA = "J. of Am. Stat. Assoc."}
@string{JMA = "J. Mult. Analysis."}
@string{JEx = "J. Econometrics"}
@string{JAPEx = "J. Applied Econometrics"}
@string{AsymptStat5 = "Asymptotic Statistics:  Proceedings of the 5th Prague
@string{Biomtrka = "Biometrika"}
@string{MatSb = "Matematiceskii Sbornik"}
@string{JRSS-B = "J. Royal Stat. Soc. (B)"}
@string{JRSSA = "J. Royal Stat. Soc. (A)"}
@string{ApStat = "Applied  Stat."}
@string{ProbFields = "Prob. Theory and Related Fields"}
@string{ThProbAp = "Theory of Prob. and its Apps"}
@string{JNnparSt = "J. of Nonparametric Stat."}
@string{JCGS = "J. of Computation and Graphical Stat."}
@string{CommStA = "Communications in  Stat. (A)"}
@string{SV = "Springer-Verlag"}

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