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NEWS/ChangeLog for doParallel

1.0.7  2014-02-01
    o  Modified to work better when a foreach loop is executed 
       in a package (courtesy of Steve Weston)
    o  Added unit tests and a minimal working example

1.0.6  2013-10-25
    o  Changed foreach, iterators, and parallel from Depends to
	   Imports (request of Steve Weston and Stefan Schlager)
1.0.4  2013-09-01
    o  New attachExportEnv option for doParallelSNOW
    o  New function stopImplicitCluster to stop the implicitly created 
       socket cluster.
    o  Updated inst/unitTests/runTestSuite.sh, bug report from Michael Cheng

1.0.3  2013-06-06
    o  New preschedule option for doParallelSNOW, courtesy of Steve Weston
    o  Removed assignment into global environment to meet CRAN standards.

1.0.2  2013-05-29
    o  Efficiency improvements courtesy of Steve Weston

1.0.1  2012-04-09
    o  Updated to support RevoScaleR's rxExec function
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