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Tip revision: 0d99c94d2bc0558e519d1d2302673c213f18273b authored by Bryna Hazelton on 14 April 2017, 20:15 UTC
increase version number after addition of uvcal module
Tip revision: 0d99c94
#!/usr/bin/env python
import aipy as a
import numpy as np
import optparse
import sys
import os
import pyuvdata
from matplotlib.pyplot import *
o = optparse.OptionParser()
o.set_usage('  *.uv')
# a.scripting.add_standard_options(o,cal=True)
opts, args = o.parse_args(sys.argv[1:])

for filename in args:
    UV = pyuvdata.UVData()
    UV.read_miriad(filename, 'miriad')
    outfilename = filename + '.uvfits'
    UV.write_uvfits(outfilename, 'uvfits')
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