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Tip revision: 3579612cbfec20e43cb2c7b8311c50851ae4fc4a authored by S M T Chua on 25 February 2022, 04:08:37 UTC
Merge pull request #380 from GeoscienceAustralia/develop
Tip revision: 3579612
# .coveragerc to control
branch = True
source = pyrate
#omit =
    # omit everything in
    # pyrate/tasks/*
    # omit these files
#    pyrate/
#    pyrate/scripts/
#    pyrate/
#    pyrate/

# Regexes for lines to exclude from consideration
exclude_lines =
    # Have to re-enable the standard pragma
    pragma: no cover

    # Don't complain about missing debug-only code:
    def __repr__
    def __str__
    if self\.debug

    # Don't complain if tests don't hit defensive assertion code:
    raise AssertionError
    raise NotImplementedError
    raise ValueError
    raise RuntimeError
    raise IOError
    except OSError
    except ValueError
    except IndexError
    raise ImportError
    except ImportError
    raise ConfigException
    raise ReferencePhaseError
    raise RefPixelError
    raise RoipacException
    raise GeotiffException
    raise RasterException
    raise IfgException
    raise GammaException
    raise PreprocessError
    raise TimeSeriesError
    raise OrbitalError

    # Don't complain if non-runnable code isn't run:
    if 0:
    if __name__ == .__main__.:

ignore_errors = True

directory = coverage_html_report
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