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Tip revision: b0922d4a9d37c67192d9b43a288fe2952d42b9e2 authored by Alexey Sergushichev on 20 October 2018, 13:07:32 UTC
version bump to 1.1.5
Tip revision: b0922d4
Version: 1.0

RestoreWorkspace: No
SaveWorkspace: No
AlwaysSaveHistory: Default

EnableCodeIndexing: Yes
UseSpacesForTab: Yes
NumSpacesForTab: 4
Encoding: UTF-8

RnwWeave: Sweave
LaTeX: pdfLaTeX

AutoAppendNewline: Yes
StripTrailingWhitespace: Yes

BuildType: Package
PackageUseDevtools: Yes
PackageInstallArgs: --no-multiarch --with-keep.source
PackageRoxygenize: rd,collate,namespace
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