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Tip revision: 4dfa88ca55e04e8afe05e8543ddddee32dde7236 authored by Roberto Di Cosmo on 31 May 2012, 11:41:01 UTC
Added code to catch corner cases (redundant, it is in all levels of the library primitives)
Tip revision: 4dfa88c
OASISFormat:  0.2
Name:         parmap
Version:      0.9.4
Authors:      Marco Danelutto and Roberto Di Cosmo
Homepage:     http://gitorious.org/parmap
License:      LGPL-2
LicenseFile:  LICENSE
ConfType:     custom (0.3)
BuildType:    custom (0.3)
InstallType:  custom (0.3)
BuildDepends: bigarray, unix
BuildTools:   make, ocamlbuild
Synopsis:     library to exploit multicore architectures (parallel programming)

XCustomConf:      ./configure
XCustomBuild:     make
XCustomInstall:   make install
XCustomUninstall: make uninstall

Library parmap
    Path: _build
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