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# The notation configs define the labels of every model parameter and its derived quantities, which are used when
# visualizing results (for example labeling the axis of the PDF triangle plots output by a non-linear search).

# label: The label given to the each parameter, for plots like PDF corner plots.

# For example, if `centre=x`, the plot axis will be labeled 'x'.

# superscript: the superscript used on certain plots that show the results of different model-components.

# For example, if `Gaussian=g`, plots where the parameters of the Gaussian model-component have superscript `g`.

    sigma: \sigma
    centre: x
    normalization: norm
    parameter0: a
    parameter1: b
    parameter2: c
    rate: \lambda
    Exponential: e
    Gaussian: g
    ModelComponent0: M0
    ModelComponent1: M1

# label_format: The format certain parameters are output as in output files like the `model.results` file.

# For example, if `centre={:.2d}`, the format of the centre parameter in results files will use this Python format.

    sigma: '{:.2f}'
    centre: '{:.2f}'
    normalization: '{:.2f}'
    parameter0: '{:.2f}'
    parameter1: '{:.2f}'
    parameter2: '{:.2f}'
    rate: '{:.2f}'
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