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\title{Phonetics acoustic data (subset)}
\format{A data frame with 656 rows and 11 variables}
A small subset of the phonetics acoustic
data set \code{\link[sparseFLMM]{acoustic}} with observations from two speakers and two items only.
This will not produce meaningful results but can be used as a toy
data set when testing the code.
The variables are as in the full data set, see \code{\link[sparseFLMM]{acoustic}}.
Pouplier, Marianne and Hoole, Philip (2016): Articulatory and
Acoustic Characteristics of German Fricative Clusters,
Phonetica, 73(1), 52--78.

Cederbaum, Pouplier, Hoole, Greven (2016): Functional Linear Mixed Models
for Irregularly or Sparsely Sampled Data. Statistical Modelling, 16(1), 67-88.
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