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Tip revision: 3b214430aca4c61ccf6038b8fe066c0f4fc134d3 authored by Alex Boulangé on 09 January 2020, 22:10:02 UTC
version 1.3.1
Tip revision: 3b21443
automl package fits from simple regression to highly customizable deep neural networks 
either with gradient descent or metaheuristic, using automatic hyper parameters 
tuning and custom cost function.
A mix inspired by the common tricks on Deep Learning and Particle Swarm Optimization.

(Key words: autoML, Deep Learning, Particle Swarm Optimization, learning rate, minibatch, 
batch normalization, lambda, RMSprop, momentum, adam optimization, learning rate decay, 
inverted dropout, particles number, kappa, regression, logistic regression)
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