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#pragma once

#include "Voxel.h"

#include "NanoKdTree.h"

#define glv(v) glVertex3dv(v.data())
#define gln glNormal3d

namespace VoxelerLibrary{

class Voxeler
    SurfaceMesh::Model * mesh;
    NanoKdTree kd;
	Vector3VertexProperty points;

	// Special voxels
    NanoKdTree outerVoxels, innerVoxels;

    Voxeler( SurfaceMesh::Model * src_mesh, double voxel_size, bool verbose = false);

	FaceBounds findFaceBounds( SurfaceMesh::Model::Face f );
	bool isVoxelIntersects( const Voxel & v, Surface_mesh::Face f );
	void update();
	void computeBounds();

	// Grow larger by one voxel
	void grow();

	// Find inside and outside of mesh surface
	std::vector< Voxel > fillOther();
    std::vector< Voxel > fillInside();
    void fillOuter(NanoKdTree & outside);

	// Intersection
	std::vector<Voxel> Intersects(Voxeler * other);
	std::map<int, Voxel> around(Point p);

	// Visualization:
	void draw();
	void setupDraw();
	static void drawVoxels( const std::vector< Voxel > & voxels, double voxel_size = 1.0);

    NanoKdTree corner_kd;
	std::vector< Point > corners;
	std::vector< std::vector<int> > cornerIndices;
	std::vector< int > cornerCorrespond;
	std::vector< Point > getCorners(int vid);
	int getClosestVoxel(Vector3d point);
	int getEnclosingVoxel( Vector3d point );

	std::vector< Point > getVoxelCenters();

	std::vector< Voxel > voxels;
	int getVoxelIndex(Voxel v);
	uint d1, d2;
	bool isVerbose;
	bool isReadyDraw;

	double voxelSize;

	Voxel minVox;
	Voxel maxVox;

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