Raw File
\title{ Soft Drink Data Set. }
  Consists of 15 samples of 10 bottles where it is measured the volume of soft drink.
  A data frame with 15 lines and 10 columns.
    \item{\code{x1}}{The first measure.}
    \item{\code{x2}}{The second measure.}
    \item{\code{x3}}{The third measure.}
    \item{\code{x4}}{The fourth measure.}
    \item{\code{x5}}{The fifth measure.}
    \item{\code{x6}}{The sixth measure.}
    \item{\code{x7}}{The seventh measure.}
    \item{\code{x8}}{The eigth measure.}
    \item{\code{x9}}{The ninth measure.}
    \item{\code{x10}}{The tenth measure.}

  Montgomery, D.C.,(2001)."Introduction to Statistical Quality Control".4th ed. Wiley.

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