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\title{Data cleaning for ABC analysis
 Only the first column of Data is used, anything not beeinh positive numerical value is set to zero
vector[1:n] describes an array of data: n cases in rows of one variable

 Data <0 are set to zero,  non-numeric values (NA,NaN,etc.) in Data are set to zero
 strings and chars are set to zero   
 infinitive numbers are set to max(Data)
Output is of type list which's parts are described in the following
	\item{CleanedData}{vector [1:m], columnvector containing Data>=0 and zeros for all NA, NaN and negative values in Data(1:n)}
	\item{Data2CleanInd}{vector [1:k], Index such that CleanedData = nantozero(Data(Data2CleanInd))}
	\item{RemovedInd}{vector [1:l], Index such that Data(RemovedInd) is the data that has been removed if RemoveSmallYields==1}


Michael Thrun
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