Raw File
Coffee data
27 commercially available coffee samples of different origins.
  A data frame with 27 observations on the following 4 variables.
    \item{\code{sort}}{a character vector}
In the original data set, 15 volatile compounds (descriptors of
coffee aroma) were selected for a statistical analysis. We selected only three compounds (compositional parts) Hydroxy-2-propanone, 
methylpyrazine and methylfurfural to allow for a visualization in a ternary diagram.
M.~Korhonov\'a, K.~Hron, D.~Klimc\'ikov\'a, L.~Muller, P.~Bedn\'ar, and
  P.~Bart\'ak (2009)
Coffee aroma - statistical analysis of compositional data.
\emph{Talanta}, 80(2): 710--715.
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