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% Please edit documentation in R/createES.R
\title{Create ExpressionSet.}
createES(data, pData, varLabels, fData, fvarLabels, eData)
\item{data}{Gene expression matrix.}

\item{pData}{Matrix with phenotypical data.}

\item{varLabels}{Names of phenoData columns.}

\item{fData}{Matrix with feature data.}

\item{fvarLabels}{Names of featureData columns.}

\item{eData}{List with experimentData}
produced ExpressionSet object
\code{createES} function produces an ExpressionSet object from given data,
    and exports it to global scope.
data <- matrix(1:15, 5, 3)
pData <- c("A", "B", "C")
varLabels <- "cat"
fData <- c("p", "r", "s", "t", "u")
fvarLabels <- "id"
eData <- list(name="", lab="", contact="", title="", url="", other=list(), pubMedIds="")
createES(data, pData, varLabels, fData, fvarLabels, eData)

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