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Example Files for the book "Software for Data Analysis"
\description{The SoDA package has a set of files related to examples
  in the book.  These are all found in the directory \code{"Examples"}
  under the installed version of the package.  The files are intended
  to be edited and used as source to experiment with the examples in
  the book.

  Note that not all the examples shown in the book
  correspond to an explicit example file.  Also, some of the data
  sets used are not explicitly open-source and so are not included in
  this package.  For example, the \code{mars} data exists on the web
  as an Excel file; you need to export that as a \code{".csv"} file to
  run the corresponding examples.

To find all the examples, or examples appearing on a page in the book,
use \code{\link{exampleFiles}}.

See \code{\link{runExample}} to run an example file.

John M. Chambers <jmc@r-project.org>
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