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#MATAWS version 1.4.0


* 2010 Cihan Aksoy and Koray Mançuhan
* 2011-2013 Cihan Aksoy
* 2014 Vincent Labatut

Galatasaray University - Bit Lab

MATAWS is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation.

For source availability and license information see `licence.txt`

This software was first developed by C. Aksoy & K. Mançuhan during their BSc thesis, 
both advised by V. Labatut; C. Aksoy then largely extended this work during its MSc thesis,
also under the supervision of V. Labatut; which then made minor modifications and
corrected a few bugs in the resulting source code.


This product includes softwares developed by:

  + Yvan Rivierre:
    + Sine (now known as WS-Next)
    + Copyright 2009-2011 Ivan Riviere 
    + Used to extract the parameters of the syntactic collection
  + Adam Pease:
    + Sigma library
    + Copyright 2003-2007 Adam Pease, GNU Licence
    + Used to find an ontological concept for a given word
    + Class `com.articulate.sigma.WordNet` has been modified by initializing a `com.articulate.sigma.KBManager` instance in the `initOnce()` method
    + Class `com.articulate.sigma.KBmanager` has been modified by removing read/write of XML configurations in the `initializeOnce()` method	
  + Evren Sirin:
    + OWL-S API
    + Copyright 2004 Evren Sirin & 2008-2009 Thorsten Möller, GNU Licence
    + http://www.mindswap.org/2004/owl-s/api/
    + Used to generate the semantic collection from the annotated syntactic collection
    + Libraries required: all remaining libraries in the lib folder

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