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Tip revision: 0b0500e00448248f6d800ac2333b11ae73258b93 authored by Jakub Nowosad on 05 July 2023, 23:10:24 UTC
version 2.3.0
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Package: spData
Title: Datasets for Spatial Analysis
Version: 2.3.0
Authors@R: c(person("Roger", "Bivand", role = "aut", email="", comment = c(ORCID = "0000-0003-2392-6140")),
    person("Jakub", "Nowosad", role = c("aut", "cre"), email="", comment = c(ORCID = "0000-0002-1057-3721")),
    person("Robin", "Lovelace", role = "aut", comment = c(ORCID = "0000-0001-5679-6536")),
    person("Angelos", "Mimis", role = "ctb"),
    person("Mark", "Monmonier", role = "ctb", comment = "author of the state.vbm dataset"), 
    person("Greg", "Snow", role = "ctb", comment = "author of the state.vbm dataset")
Description: Diverse spatial datasets for demonstrating, benchmarking and teaching spatial data analysis. 
    It includes R data of class sf (defined by the package 'sf'), Spatial ('sp'), and nb ('spdep').
    Unlike other spatial data packages such as 'rnaturalearth' and 'maps', 
    it also contains data stored in a range of file formats including GeoJSON, ESRI Shapefile and GeoPackage. 
    Some of the datasets are designed to illustrate specific analysis techniques.
    cycle_hire() and cycle_hire_osm(), for example, is designed to illustrate point pattern analysis techniques.
Depends: R (>= 3.3.0)
Imports: sp
Suggests: foreign, sf (>= 0.9-1), spDataLarge (>= 0.4.0), spdep,
License: CC0
RoxygenNote: 7.2.3
LazyData: true
Encoding: UTF-8
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: 2023-07-04 16:04:41 UTC; jn
Author: Roger Bivand [aut] (<>),
  Jakub Nowosad [aut, cre] (<>),
  Robin Lovelace [aut] (<>),
  Angelos Mimis [ctb],
  Mark Monmonier [ctb] (author of the state.vbm dataset),
  Greg Snow [ctb] (author of the state.vbm dataset)
Maintainer: Jakub Nowosad <>
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2023-07-06 00:10:24 UTC
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