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\title{HLSM: Included Data Sets}
	Data set included with the HLSM package: network variables from Pitts
	and Spillane (2009).


	ps.advice.mat: a list of 15 sociomatrices of advice seeking network, one for each school.

	ps.all.vars.mat: a list of 15 arrays of all the covariates, one for each school.
	edge.vars.mat: a list of edge level covariates for 15 different school. a list of school level covariates for all 15 schools.

	ps.teacher.vars.mat: a list of node level covariates for all 15 schools.

	ps.all.vars.mat: a single list of length 15 containing the covariates mentioned above.


 Pitts, V., & Spillane, J. (2009). "Using social network methods to study school leadership".International Journal of Research & Method in Education, 32, 185-207

 Sweet, T.M., Thomas, A.C., and Junker, B.W. (2012).
 "Hierarchical Network Models for Education Research: Hierarchical Latent Space Models". Journal of Educational and Behavorial Statistics.

\author{Sam Adhikari}

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