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Tip revision: 6313ce21ea98857cf95d996de7978cfd52175e59 authored by Dominique Makowski on 08 April 2021, 04:40:02 UTC
version 0.9.0
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\title{Check if Prior is Informative}
check_prior(model, method = "gelman", simulate_priors = TRUE, ...)
\item{model}{A \code{stanreg}, \code{stanfit}, or \code{brmsfit} object.}

\item{method}{Can be \code{"gelman"} or \code{"lakeland"}. For the
\code{"gelman"} method, if the SD of the posterior is more than 0.1 times
the SD of the prior, then the prior is considered as informative. For the
\code{"lakeland"} method, the prior is considered as informative if the
posterior falls within the 95\% HDI of the prior.}

\item{simulate_priors}{Should prior distributions be simulated using
\code{\link{simulate_prior}} (default; faster) or sampled via
\code{\link{unupdate}} (slower, more accurate).}

\item{...}{Currently not used.}
A data frame with two columns: The parameter names and the quality
  of the prior (which might be \code{"informative"}, \code{"uninformative"})
  or \code{"not determinable"} if the prior distribution could not be
Performs a simple test to check whether the prior is informative to the posterior. This idea, and the accompanying heuristics, were discussed in \href{https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2019/08/10/}{this blogpost}.
if (require("rstanarm")) {
  model <- stan_glm(mpg ~ wt + am, data = mtcars, chains = 1, refresh = 0)
  check_prior(model, method = "gelman")
  check_prior(model, method = "lakeland")

  # An extreme example where both methods diverge:
  model <- stan_glm(mpg ~ wt,
    data = mtcars[1:3, ],
    prior = normal(-3.3, 1, FALSE),
    prior_intercept = normal(0, 1000, FALSE),
    refresh = 0
  check_prior(model, method = "gelman")
  check_prior(model, method = "lakeland")
  plot(si(model)) # can provide visual confirmation to the Lakeland method
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