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Tip revision: cf77331a0f8f341f4b236e86dca616aadd661371 authored by Vincent SELLIER on 26 March 2021, 11:21 UTC
Upgrade counters architecture to handle the historical data management
Tip revision: cf77331
title Object counters pipeline, with archive

actor browser

node pergamon {
    database prometheus
    component prometheus_server

    prometheus_server --> prometheus


node moma {
    component webapp

node "storage(saam|storage1)" as storage_server {
    component "swh-storage" as swhstoragegunicorn

node counters {
    component redis {
        collections "HyperLogLog collections" as hll
        note left of hll: One collection per\nobject type

    component counter_journal_client as cjc {
    component counter as gunicorncounter {
        boundary "/metrics" as metrics
        boundary "/counter?type=<type>" as counterapi
        boundary "/counter_history/refresh_cache?\nfile=<name>&counters=<list>" as refresh_cache
        boundary "/counter_history/<cache file>" as  counters_history

    component nginx {
        boundary 50XX as counter

    component cron as counters_cron {

    file "/usr/local/share/swh-data/archive.json" as archive_json
    file "/usr/local/share/swh-data/counters.json" as counters_json

    cjc --> hll
    counter --> metrics
    counter --> counterapi
    gunicorncounter --> hll
    refresh_cache --> counters_json: generate\ncache\nfile
    refresh_cache --> archive_json: read\narchive\nfile

    counters_history --> counters_json: read\ncached\ndata
    counter --> counters_history
    counter --> refresh_cache

    counters_cron -left-> counter: curl\n/counter_history/refresh_cache?\nfile=counters.json&\ncounters=<list>
    note left of counters_cron: Refresh the cache file periodically


node journal {
    queue content as topic_content
    queue origin as topic_origin
    queue revision as topic_revision
    queue "..." as topic_others
    topic_others -[hidden]right-> topic_revision

webapp --> counter: /api/1/stat/counters\n->\n/counter/<type>
browser --> webapp

topic_content --> cjc
topic_origin --> cjc
topic_revision --> cjc
topic_others --> cjc

swhstoragegunicorn --> topic_content
swhstoragegunicorn --> topic_origin
swhstoragegunicorn --> topic_revision
swhstoragegunicorn --> topic_others

prometheus_server --> counter : /metrics
refresh_cache --> prometheus_server: Read live data
webapp --> counter: /counter_history/<cache file>

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