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> **The kdevine package is no longer actively developed.** Consider using
> - the [kde1d]( package for marginal estimation,
> - the functions `vine()` and `vinecop()` from the [rvinecopulib]( package as replacements for `kdevine()` and `kdevincop()`.

This package implements a vine copula based kernel density estimator. The estimator does not suffer from the curse of dimensionality and is therefore well suited for high-dimensional applications (see, Nagler and Czado, 2016). The package is built on top of the copula density estimators in [kdecopula]( and let's you choose from all its implemented methods. The package can handle discrete and categorical data via [continuous convolution](

-   [How to install](#how-to-install)
-   [Functionality](#functionality)
-   [References](#references)


How to install

You can install:

-   the stable release on CRAN:

    ``` r

-   the latest development version:

    ``` r


A detailed description of of all functions and options can be found in the [API documentaion]( In short, the package provides the following functionality:

-   Class `kdevine` and its methods:

    -   `kdevine()`: Multivariate kernel density estimation based on vine copulas. Implements the estimator of (see, Nagler and Czado, 2016).

    -   `dkdevine()`, `rkdevine()`: Density and simulation functions.

-   Class `kdevinecop` and its methods:

    -   `kdevinecop()`: Kernel estimator for the vine copula density (see, Nagler and Czado, 2016).

    -   `dkdevinecop()`, `rkdevinecop()`: Density and simulation functions.

    -   `contour.kdevinecop()`: Matrix of contour plots of all pair-copulas.

-   Class `kde1d` and its methods:

    -   `kde1d()`: Univariate kernel density estimation for bounded and unbounded support.

    -   `dke1d()`, `pkde1d()`, `rkde1d()`: Density, cdf, and simulation functions.

    -   `plot.kde1d()`, `lines.kde1d()`: Plots the estimated density.


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