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# KozakAndKaksonen2022

This repository holds all the code used in the article *Condensation of Ede1
promotes the initiation of endocytosis*. 

`notebooks` holds data files and R code used to generate all plots.

`mkimage` is a small Python package with functions used to mask cells and
endocytic spots, and extract values. Duplicates my repo of the same name, at
the time of publication.

`imageJ` contains my personal ImageJ macros used for general image processing,
and several quantifications, for example extraction of intensities for FRAP
analysis or recording subjective assessments on blinded images.

`frapr` is a set of scripts I used to load, average, normalize and fit FRAP
data. This code is pretty old and not very pretty; I plan on publishing
a refactored version, but this is what went into the paper.

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