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# This list is used by git-shortlog to fix a few botched name translations
# in the libigl archive, either because the author's full name was messed up
# and/or not always written the same way, making contributions from the
# same person appearing not to be so.
Alec Jacobson <> Alec Jacobson (jalec <Alec Jacobson (>
Alec Jacobson <> jalec <devnull@localhost>
Alec Jacobson <> Alec Jacobson <ajx@Luftmatratze.local>
Alec Jacobson <> ajx <devnull@localhost>
Alec Jacobson <> mangledorf <>
Daniele Panozzo <> Daniele Panozzo <>
Daniele Panozzo <> dpanozzo <devnull@localhost>
Wenzel Jakob <> Wenzel Jakob <>
Olga Diamanti <> dolga <devnull@localhost>
schuellc <> schuellc <devnull@localhost>
Kenshi Takayama <> Kenshi Takayama (kenshi <Kenshi Takayama (>
Kenshi Takayama <> kenshi <>
Kenshi Takayama <> kenshi84 <>
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