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Tip revision: 3e594f8fd8b56d6c609b1857ad9b41d057235295 authored by Lars Kotthoff on 16 February 2021, 17:20:03 UTC
version 0.33
Tip revision: 3e594f8
\title{ Converting to formulas }
  Converts character vector of atrributes' names and destination attribute's name to a simple formula.
as.simple.formula(attributes, class)
  \item{attributes}{ character vector of attributes' names }
  \item{class}{ name of destination attribute }
  A simple formula like "class ~ attr1 + attr2"
\author{ Piotr Romanski }
  result <- cfs(Species ~ ., iris)
  f <- as.simple.formula(result, "Species")
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