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Computed ABC analysis 
Computed ABC Analysis allows the optimal calculation of three disjoint subsets A,B,C in data sets containing positive values:

subset A containing few most profitable values, i.e. largest data values ("the important few"), 
subset B containing data, where the profit gain equals effort required to obtain this gain, and the
subset C of non-profitable values, i.e. the smallest data sets ("the trivial many").

This package calculates the three subsets A, B and C by means of an algorithm based on 
statistically valid definitions of thresholds for the three sets A,B and C.
Check out our new Umatrix package for visualisation and clustering of high-dimensional data on our Webpage.

Michael Thrun, Jorn Lotsch, Alfred Ultsch

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Ultsch. A ., Lotsch J.: Computed ABC Analysis for Rational Selection of Most Informative Variables in Multivariate Data, PloS one, Vol. 10(6), pp. e0129767. doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0129767, 2015.
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