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Add points or lines to a given ternary diagram.
Low-level plot function to add points or lines to a ternary high-level plot.
ternaryDiagPoints(x, ...)
ternaryDiagLines(x, ...)
%- maybe also 'usage' for other objects documented here.
  \item{x}{Three-dimensional composition given as an object of class \dQuote{matrix} or \dQuote{data.frame}.}
  \item{\dots}{Additional graphical parameters passed through.}
no values are returned.
\references{ C. Reimann, P. Filzmoser, R.G. Garrett, and R. Dutter: Statistical Data Analysis
   Explained. Applied Environmental Statistics with R. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, 2008. 
Matthias Templ
x <- coffee[,1:3]
ternaryDiag(x, grid=FALSE)
ternaryDiagPoints(x+1, col="red", pch=2)
\keyword{ aplot }
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