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Tip revision: d5d3a2a453d193538955965af54d20d0c8b9f72c authored by Alexey Sergushichev on 02 February 2019, 13:32:57 UTC
version bump + fixes for biocheck warnings
Tip revision: d5d3a2a
% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/collapseDataset.R
\title{Collapse dataset}
collapseDataset(es, isRows = TRUE, selectOne = FALSE, fn, fields)
\item{es}{Expression set}

\item{isRows}{Work with rows. False if columns (default True - row mode)}

\item{selectOne}{select best match or merge duplicates}

\item{fn}{select/merge function}

\item{fields}{fields to unique on}
Nothing. Collapsed dataset will be assigned to es in environment
\code{collapseDataset} performs a collapse action on expression set
es <- getGSE('GSE53986')[[1]]
collapseDataset(es, isRows = TRUE, selectOne = TRUE,
fn = mean, fields = c('Gene ID', 'Gene symbol'))

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