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Tip revision: 4eaf0dce8350a336dd310a788f96f236db7f0d7f authored by Eh Tan on 08 September 2008, 19:18 UTC
Updated ChangeLog to r12826
Tip revision: 4eaf0dc
#!/usr/bin/env python

def get_var():
    # get your username on this machine, and make it upper case
    import os
    var = os.environ.get("USER")
    return var.upper()

# invariant prefix of datadir
prefix = "/scratch/"

# invariant suffix of datadir
suffix = ""

# get the machine-dependent part of datadir
var_path = get_var()

# construct the full string for datadir
print "%s%s%s" % ( prefix, var_path, suffix )
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