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Tip revision: f64e14b64fb7985b724358c00e7a2493729e6047 authored by Martin Maechler on 21 September 2011, 00:00 UTC
version 0.7-9
Tip revision: f64e14b
estimation.gof	Estimation and goodness-of-fit capabilities
G_ak		Coefficients a_k for Gumbel's density derivatives, MLE, etc
GIG-demo        Generalized Inverse Gaussian Archimedean copulas
logL-vis	Log Likelihood Visualizations
opC-demo	Outer power copula (Clayton only, for now)
poly-demo       Investigating precision and run time of polyG and polyJ
dDiag-plots	Plotting dDiag() densities (over range of families, theta, d)
timings		Using timing() to measure speed of basic Archimedean families
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