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version 2.0-6
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cat("'statnet' is a suite of packages for the statistical modeling of network data.\n")
cat('Please read the license using license.statnet()\n\n')
cat("If you are using 'statnet' for research that will be published,\n")
cat("we request that you acknowledge this with the following citation:\n\n")
cat("  Mark S. Handcock, David R. Hunter, Carter T. Butts, Steven M. Goodreau,\n")
cat("  and Martina Morris (2003) statnet: Software tools for the Statistical\n")
cat("  Modeling of Network Data. Version 2.0,\n")
cat("  URL\n\n")
cat("A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is\n\n")
cat("  @Manual{,\n")
cat("    title = {statnet: Software tools for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data},\n")
cat("    author = {Mark S. Handcock and David R. Hunter and Carter T. Butts and Steven M. Goodreau and Martina Morris},\n")
cat("    year = {2003},\n")
cat("    note = {Version 2.0. Project home page at \url{}},\n")
cat("    address = {Seattle, WA},\n")
cat("    url = {},\n")
cat("  }\n\n")
cat('To cite an individual package use citation("<name>") ,where <name> is the
package name.\n')

citFooter("We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating the",
          "'statnet' suite of packages for use by other researchers.",
          "Please cite it in all papers where it is used.")
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