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Tip revision: d90516ef8fb8d7c848eb685f443359b2a267a100 authored by Roger Koenker on 18 September 2004, 00:00 UTC
version 3.52
Tip revision: d90516e
This is quick list of some possible fixes for the next revision of quantreg
Version:  June 11 2004

1.  refine the choice of eps parameter in  (this has been a
perennial problem.  As several examples show, it is sometimes possible
to get into trouble with the current 1e-6 tolerance with
returning NaN's while a  more relaxed tolerance say 1e-4 produces a
good answer, verifiable from "br".

2.  Resolve some packaging issues regarding linkages to SparseM
and to incorporate rqss stuff to akima, tripack, etc.

3.  Introduce percentile methods for the bootstrap methods.

9.  Add predict methods, and offset option for rq
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