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\title{ Clustering coefficients from package cluster.}
  Computes clustering coefficients from \code{cluster},
where \code{x} and  \code{y} give the object coordinates.
ac(x, y, ...)
sil(x, y, groups, ...)
%- maybe also 'usage' for other objects documented here.
  \item{x}{is a numeric vector. }
  \item{y}{is a numeric vector. }
  \item{groups}{is a vector of group memberships, used by \code{sil} only.}
  \item{\dots}{are passed to \code{agnes} in \code{ac} and to \code{dist} 
  in \code{sil}.}
\code{ac} - Computes clustering coefficient from \code{agnes{cluster}}.

\code{sil} - Computes the silhouette coefficient from from package 
  The clustering coefficient is returned.
\references{ Kaufman, L. and Rousseeuw, P.J. (1990). Finding Groups in Data: An Introduction to Cluster Analysis . Wiley, New York.  }
\author{ Catherine B. Hurley}
%\note{ ~~further notes~~ }

\seealso{  \code{\link{agnes}}, \code{\link{silhouette}}, \code{\link{dist}}.  }
x <- runif(20)
y <- runif(20)
g <- rep(c("a","b"),10)

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