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I'm a **Software Engineer**, **FOSS Advocate** and **Agile Evangelist** habituated to lead and coordinate development teams for various environments.

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I'm an active fellow of several national and international associations: [**ARP-SAPC**]( and [**Círculo Escéptico**]( (promoting critical thinking); [**STE**]( and [**AEFCFT**]( (Literature and Arts); and [**AECC**]( (about scientific communication and outreach).

I'm also Member of [**Free Software Foundation Europe**](, [**OpenStreetMap Foundation**](, [**Spanish Red Cross**](, [**Doctors Without Borders**](, [**Amnesty International**]( and [**UNHCR**](

I love hiking, cycling (cycle tourism specially) and traditional archery to the point that I'm federated in [**RFETA** (Spanish Federation of Archery)]( and [**AAL-IFAA** (International Field Archery Association)]( and I've co-founded with other friends our own traditional archery club: [the **Archers of Ithilien**](
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