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Tip revision: 80d469e116108f7e0dada3ef59563953b9676f8c authored by Eh Tan on 09 December 2006, 00:27 UTC
Created a tag for v2.1.0 release
Tip revision: 80d469e

from archimedes import use_merlin

from merlin import setup, find_packages

    name = 'CitcomS', 
    version = '2.1',

    zip_safe = False,
    packages = find_packages(),
    install_requires = [
    'pythia[mpi] >=, < 0.8.2a',

    author = 'Louis Moresi, et al.',
    author_email = '',
    description = """A finite element mantle convection code.""",
    long_description = """CitcomS is a finite element code designed to solve thermal convection problems relevant to Earth's mantle. Written in C, the code runs on a variety of parallel processing computers, including shared and distributed memory platforms.""",
    license = 'GPL',
    url = '',

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