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Tip revision: f6a0aed19345d305722cf3a3367db51e77537933 authored by Garrett 'Karto' Keating on 30 November 2022, 22:55:42 UTC
More minor cleanup in handling of MS frame/epoch.
Tip revision: f6a0aed
File Mode Size
_activate_current_env.sh -rw-r--r-- 370 bytes
azure-piplines.yml -rw-r--r-- 2.6 KB
install.ps1 -rw-r--r-- 2.9 KB
pyuvdata_min_deps_tests.yml -rw-r--r-- 289 bytes
pyuvdata_min_versions_tests.yml -rw-r--r-- 478 bytes
pyuvdata_publish.yml -rw-r--r-- 217 bytes
pyuvdata_tests.yml -rw-r--r-- 459 bytes
pyuvdata_tests_windows.yml -rw-r--r-- 423 bytes
run_with_env.cmd -rw-r--r-- 3.4 KB

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