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64d0ae0 Added files via upload 22 February 2016, 20:44 UTC
43f600e Added files via upload XML Input Files for DESSA 2.0 that simulate CCMV capsid assembly under different combinations of studied RNA effects. File format is of the form: CCMV1_156_xx_abcd.xml This XML file calls for the simulation of CCMV capsid assembly producing 1 capsid at parameters fit to experimental data found at 15.6 µL. xx reflects the percentage of simulation space filled by crowding agents (for these xml files, xx = 00). abcd reflects the four individual RNA effects calculated. Each letter reflects a binary value of 0 or 1 depending on if that RNA effect is "turned on" for that particular set of inputs. For example, _0101 would suggest that the second and fourth RNA effects are turned on, while the first and third are turned off. 22 February 2016, 20:24 UTC
04fc96c Added files via upload XML input files for DESSA 2.0 to produce a grid search of rate parameter modifications to the standard input file CCMV_156_00_0000.xml. A file named CCMV1_156_00_0000-1000-0005 means that on rates are multiplied by 1000*.1 = 100 and off-rates are multiplied by 5*.1 = .5 compared to the standard input file. Files with -00025 for the off rate modification mean off-rates are multiplied by .25. The files CCMV_156_00_0000.xml and CCMV_156_00_0000-0010-0010.xml are equivalent. 22 February 2016, 20:17 UTC
ac067ad Added files via upload 22 February 2016, 19:36 UTC
f264a6c Create 21 July 2015, 20:26 UTC
7bf9cd2 :space_invader: Added .gitattributes 20 July 2015, 21:38 UTC
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